Oracle Speech Pathology specialises in accent modification services for adults. Clients include both native and non-native speakers seeking to enhance their pronunciation of English. We provide an individualised teaching program based on the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language Program developed by Dr. Arthur J. Compton.

Program structure:
• A comprehensive individual speech analysis: this process guides the treatment plan and pronunciation targets
• A review of the speech analysis summary report and discussion of the treatment plan
• Weekly, hour long individual sessions (conducted online using videoconferencing)
• Daily practice by the client
• A final follow-up speech analysis at completion of the program
• A review of progress and discussion of recommendations for continued practice

We also offer one-off assessments and information sessions about the program and videoconferencing technology.

As an online service, we offer appointments on the weekend to accommodate your busy schedule. All you need to take part in the program is an active internet connection using a computer with built-in or external webcam and microphone.



Accent modification services

Screening assessment including assessment summary and treatment recommendations: $95
Full initial assessment including assessment report and treatment plan: $175
Casual 1 hour session: $140

The cost of the 13-week individualised accent modification program is $1300.
This fee covers:

• 13 individual sessions with an experienced speech pathologist
• Practice and homework materials
• Initial and follow-up assessments (additional to the 13 sessions)
• Before-and-after summary report
• Continued practice recommendations
• Official certificate of course completion


Research consultancy and editing/proofreading services

Oracle Speech Pathology also provides research consultancy and editing/proofreading services.  Rachel has research expertise in speech pathology and allied health disciplines. Rachel can edit/proofread assignments, presentations, theses, reports, and journal articles for students, academics and researchers. Quotes are available on request.