What is an accent?

An accent is a natural, distinctive mode of pronunciation associated with a group of people from the same region, country and/or social group. Wherever you go in the world, people speak with a different accent. No accent is better than another, and a foreign accent is not a speech disorder. It is normal for someone from a non-English speaking background to speak English with an accent from their first language.

What is accent modification?

Accent modification is a process of changing features of a person’s accent (pronunciation, intonation, stress and rhythm) to achieve greater consistency with the client’s preferred target accent. The aim of accent modification is not to eliminate a client’s existing accent, but to maximise intelligibility.

Who can benefit from accent modification services?

Accent modification services are suited to anyone who feels that their accent is making it difficult for others to understand them, or is affecting their confidence in social, educational, or workplace settings. Candidates for accent modification services include both native and non-native English speakers who want to reduce their regional or foreign accent. University students and professionals are amongst those who commonly seek accent modification.

What can I expect from each session?

Weekly individual sessions are 60 minutes in duration. In a typical session we will:
1. Review your progress from the previous week
2. Introduce and practice this week’s pronunciation targets, and
3. Give you instructions for ongoing practice over the coming week.
The teaching program will be tailored based on each individual’s needs and progress.

What time commitment is involved?

In addition to weekly sessions, clients are strongly advised to practice daily to achieve maximum benefit from the program. All homework and practice materials are provided.

What equipment do I need?

All you need to take part in the program is an active internet connection using a computer with built-in or external webcam and microphone. Before we commence the program we will test your equipment with you. Headsets may be advisable depending on the quality of your microphone.