At Oracle Speech Pathology our mission is to help clients communicate with clarity and confidence.  The aim of our accent modification services is to improve clients’ pronunciation of Australian English to maximise understandability.
As well as accent modification, Oracle Speech Pathology also provides research consultancy and proofreading services.


About Dr Rachel Feeney:

Qualifications, experience and professional affiliations

  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology with Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement (The University of Queensland, 2004)
  • Certified Practising Speech Pathologist (Speech Pathology Australia)
  • Certified Instructor, Compton PESL accent modification method
  • Certificate in TESOL
  • PhD (The University of Queensland, 2016)
  • 13 years’ experience as a clinical Speech Pathologist and researcher
  • Co-author of 20 journal articles, seven conference papers and six government research reports
  • Associate member, Asian Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
  • Member, Speech Pathology Australia, World Association for Online Education, Australian Centre on Quality of Life

The story so far…

For me, accent modification is not just a passion, it’s personal! It was through learning of my husband’s experiences as a migrant that I came to truly appreciate the power of accents.

My husband has been speaking English almost his entire life. It is the language in which he is most proficient, the language of his thoughts! Yet on many occasions he has faced discrimination because of having a different accent – and often people assume, simply because he doesn’t sound ‘Australian’, that he struggles with English.

It was while discussing his experiences back in 2013 that the idea of Oracle Speech Pathology was born. It presented the perfect opportunity to combine my clinical experience and qualifications with helping people just like my husband!

There is a misconception that accent modification is about completely changing the way people sound. That should never be the goal. Accent modification simply teaches new ways to pronounce some of the more challenging sounds of Australian English so that people can be better understood.

Communication is a two-way process. We want to spread the message that people shouldn’t judge or make assumptions about others based on their accent. Instead we should be tolerant and patient in our interactions with all communication partners, whatever their accent.


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